Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom renovation

When choosing wall and floor tiles, there is so much you need to consider. Colour and pattern is usually what people tend to think of first when renovating their bathroom but have you thought about the material the tile is made from? Will the tiles you choose resist different types of environmental stress without breaking or deteriorating? How slippery will the tiles be when wet? Ask the retailer about colour variation from the boxes as some suppliers stock high volumes of tiles which can vary from pallet to pallet . How will you lay the tiles, horizontal or vertical? Benefits from choosing a mat finished tile over high gloss tile. How easy will the tiles you’ve chosen be to keep clean? If the tiles are porous, everyday bathroom product may leave permanent marks.

Another important factor to consider is style. How modern do I make my newly renovated bathroom look? Should I choose a classic look, federation or contemporary look?

It is highly recommended that you do your research before you call a licenced bathroom renovator and when you’re ready, contact Think Bathrooms.